Getting New Joinees To A Good Financial Start: The How-To Guide

With millennials’ increasing dependence on credit options in order to live their life, financial education is more critical than ever. While financial literacy has of course, a directly positive impact on employees, it also benefits employers is more ways than you may imagine. Strong financial education and better financial management skills result in employees less […]

Employee Benefits in Today’s Digital Age

Employees today increasingly look beyond money and job satisfaction – they look for additional benefits, too. A generous employee benefits package is an essential component in attracting and retaining the industry’s top talent. Glassdoor’s Employment Confidence Survey in 2015 found that about 60% of people consider benefits and perks a significant part of deciding whether […]

What is a Salary Advance and how it is different from a Personal Loan?

Delay in getting your salary, sudden spike in your expenses due to festivities or medical emergencies can all require you to borrow funds to bridge gaps. Salary advances  and personal loans are both ways that you can access credit when you need it. They both offer funds without collateral to salaried professionals. Let’s take a closer look […]