Employee Experience: Why It’s Critical

Organisations are constantly brimming with different groups of people. These may be their customers, the suppliers, or their trading partners. They often keep into account how their experience has been while associating with their organisation, say the customer experience. Companies take particular care about it and devise various strategies to keep them satisfied and engaged.  […]

The Convergence of HR and Technology Can Lead To Some Overwhelming Results

Even under the most challenging circumstances, it is critical to strengthen a workforce in a way that reflects an organisation’s true values, culture and growth objectives. Weathering that challenge requires innovative thinking and technology. HR can leverage technology to fill the gap between talent needs and optimize productivity to get desired increase in business growth. […]

All You Needed To Know About FOIR

For lenders, loans can often be a risky affair. There is never a surety that the money lent will always be paid back. Now imagine the kind of risk that a bank or NBFCs hold, the primary part of whose business is lending money to corporates and individuals. Their responsibilities increase manifold, as the money […]

SBI launches e-Tatkal Loan

Tech advancements are driving and metamorphosing business practices across the globe today. Technology driven lending practices are taking over their traditional counterparts. Banks and financial institutions in India have been the major bearers and movers of finance across sectors, industries, firms and individuals. India has one of the largest banking networks in the world. Banks […]