How financial stress impacts job performance

Stress is a universal issue, impacting professionals across sectors, designations, and organizations. It severely deteriorates an employee’s work performance and comes in different forms and shapes. Take financial stress – featuring challenges in meeting loan EMIs, or managing the usual daily bills at times. As any leader may guess, this can be a huge detriment […]

How Safe are Loan Apps?

With rising inflation and instability in markets, daily expenses are increasing, and investment returns may be affected negatively. From paying rent to managing medical costs, you may require funds at any time and a personal loan can help you bridge the gap with ease. Are you wondering, is a personal loan safe? Yes, a personal […]

Alternative Data Is Now Mainstream in Credit Risk Analysis

Over the years, an individual’s or even an organisation’s creditworthiness has come to be defined by their credit score. A loanee’s traditional data (e.g. credit history, types of credit, credit utilisation, etc.) is usually the only factor considered by credit scoring systems to evaluate their creditworthiness. The problem with this system is that a significant […]