Let’s Make Our Finance Full of Colors

Excited to welcome spring and celebrate Holi, most colorful festival of the year? The festival not just reiterates the happiness of being together and embracing each other irrespective of our differences, but also reminds us to get over the evil. This year, you can make Holi more colorful and merry with your financial portfolio. As the […]

Women Ruling The World

Compiled By: Xama Mehta About Xama: She is an experienced, progressive Assistant Manager Human Resource at eInfochips. She has worked for over 9 years across several domains – Employee Relationships, HR Operations & engagement. Ever wondered how a matriarch or the female-dominated world would look like? Well, growing up, I didn’t.This decade, times seem to […]

A Guide To Financial Wellness Program Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Financial wellness programmes are gaining popularity these days as a key responsibility for employers and a necessity for employees. However, merely implementing a financial wellness program is hardly adequate in today’s times. It is also essential that the efficiency of such a program is routinely measured, with a review of several Key Performance Indicators from […]

Be Happy instead of Rich!

How many times were you ready to compromise your free time for making more money? Prioritizing money might deliver that temporary pleasure of fortune, but in the long run, it might actually undermine your happiness. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to deny the salary raise you have been offered or give away all […]