6 Ideas to Help Reduce your Expenses

Saving money is a common goal, no matter what stage you are in, in your life. With myriad expenses in today’s fast-paced world – be it rent, food or commuting costs, putting aside a large sum isn’t easy. This is especially true considering the rising inflation and the increasing cost of goods. That aside, there […]

Recruitment Trends to Watch out for in 2020

By – Collin CornelioAssistant General Manager, Cosmos-Maya As technology continues to rapidly change the corporate landscape, the recruitment landscape is evolving in tandem. An expanding gig economy, a demand for creative employees who can keep their skills updated and adapt to changes, and a digitally savvy workforce are all driving an evolution of the recruitment […]

How are Financial Wellness Programs Operated By Great Brands?

A financial wellness program is executed with the objective of educating employees at the ultimate goal of increasing their financial well being. This is supplemental to the standard employee benefits that goes beyond retirement planning and investing information. They help the employee feel financially secure, with a properly devised plan based on how and when […]